Congratulations and Thank You!

Well done to the entire team on the completion of the shows.

You all worked extremely hard to create an unforgettable experience.

Every piece of feedback received from the public has been positive.

We raised a wonderful sum of money…

“The bucket collection on Friday evening raised £118.48 plus the biggest single donation of a €20 note. (Audience estimated @ 150),
the Saturday matinée collection £ 174.78 (Audience @ 250), the Saturday evening was 234.70 (Audience @ 210) & the grand total was £578.48.

The sums raised are excellent and so we thank the audiences and will let you here as to how the money is to be spent.
David, Secretary, Friends of Roberts Park”

This is a fantastic achievement and has been split between Friends of Roberts Park and Martin’s House Hospice.

Pictures and video shall be added soon.

Massive thank you to the people who have helped us make this possible.

Q20 Studios, Twenty Twenty films, Haseen Multimedia, Ainsley Bedford Photography, Roberts Park &  Friends of Roberts Park.

Thank you to all our Friends and Family for your, donations, support and applause.

And tremendous thank you to the audience!

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